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Price List

Design and card products: 


prices vary depending on season and specials.


Ask us for a quote from Emily at Voetelle:  604-832-2252 





Membership package with benefits

includes free small website installation

free blog

1 You Tube video

includes Registered Membership with The Clay Road Foundation




1 year:  ranges from $175 to $215.00  paid yearly


5 years:   $500.00   Lifetime:   $1,000.00



Separate services:





Website Installation includes


unlimited pages/ flash cover page


photo taken of you, page about you


photos taken of your business, artwork


logo design


your music on site


send us your content by email or in person


ongoing changes: rate of  $10.00/month to $75.00/hour


1 month free




FREE 1st month


Small website: cost $5.00/month   Installation: $550.00


Medium Website cost: $10-15/month (can include limited online store)  

Installation: $850.00


Large Unlimited Website, with 11-100 item online store (cost: $25.00-$40.00/month ) Installation: $1,200.00



Blog Design


Customized Blog at your chosen address


separate domain name: $25.00/year


Blog installation:  $175.00




Business Package:


Website, 250 matching business cards, logo (we design or you provide), and letterhead.






You Tube Videos or book trailers of your artwork:


Short:  $200.00


Full Length:  $350.00