Iron gate advantages and purchase guide

Iron gate can also be called “patio door”, both beautiful art and practical effect. Iron gate is a kind of decorative art, from Europe, with the advantages of heavy, rough, strong and durable, while having good strength, wind resistance and anti-aging ability. In fact, not only outdoor doors, iron doors can also be used in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, with different rooms to create a different artistic atmosphere, while according to the use of requirements, but also corresponding fancy, anti-corrosion, thickening and other personalized processing, these advantages are other types of materials can not be compared to the door.

The purchase of iron gates depends on the material, size, style, welding method and manufacturer and other features, let’s analyze them one by one. First of all, the material, qualified iron gate material should be pure metal thick iron tube, here to distinguish the quality of the door can be based on the thickness of the iron, where a hard object knocking a ting ting brittle sound is thick iron tube, if issued by the shell muffled sound is a thin iron tube. Considering the tin, it is necessary to say that the outer layer of paint, iron gate overall grasp of the paint process should first pay attention to the degree of uniformity of paint, there is the quality of paint and paint color, saturation, texture is also crucial. At the same time the gate in use will constantly experience the wind, sun and rain, etc., but also do a good job of the corresponding anti-corrosion measures, qualified security doors in the bottom layer coated with anti-rust paint, inspection, as long as the bottom of the security door with a hard object scratch, you can see whether the interior has red anti-rust paint. If not, then of course the gate you choose may be susceptible to corrosion.

Secondly, we install iron gates in addition to aesthetic considerations, but also need to think about security issues, usually thick iron processing iron gates iron pipe spacing should be within 10 cm, the iron pipe spacing is too large to play the role of anti-theft. Furthermore, to see whether the welding welding is tight and reliable, especially the fixed door frame and door hinge nuts, whether the sealing welding, where the sealing welding is more firm. For outdoor protective Taian iron gate, door lock installation is also we should pay attention to, qualified iron door door lock should have sufficient size of the iron plate, pay attention to seal to the edge of the door, can not see the latch outside the door can not be pried, indicating that the door lock security. On the contrary, it means that the door lock is not installed.

Taian iron gate shopping, the last point we are more concerned about should be the price, good quality, good security, more exquisite technology of course, the price of the door is higher, but also relates to your region and the shipping address of the door you are buying. One of the purposes of choosing iron gates is to consider the beauty and artistry, the production of sophisticated, complex processing, surface treatment and details are more in place doors tend to be more expensive.