How to buy iron guardrail

Here, let’s take a look at the history of the development of the guardrail: at the beginning, it can only be said that a long time ago, people made the guardrail material is wood or bamboo. Since the late 1980s and early 1990s iron fence was introduced, caused people’s reverie on the guardrail. Guardrail not only simple style, and in a long time there are more and better style, iron fence is the choice of people, people also have a high degree of recognition of iron fence. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the disadvantages of iron guardrail more and more reflected, iron guardrail came into being. At the beginning, iron guardrail is simple welding, grinding, coated with pipe (when there is still black pipe without galvanized pipe), from the later stainless steel guardrail – cement guardrail – PVC guardrail – zinc steel guardrail – to the current aluminum guardrail, it can be said that a variety of Guardrail has its advantages and disadvantages. Now we will talk about the advantages of iron fence.

Teach you to know the iron guardrail and how to buy iron guardrail


1: one of the advantages: can be customized, height, width and style, generally unlimited, can be customized, especially the style is more diverse, can do a lot of modeling.

2: The second advantage of iron fence: durability. The service life of iron guardrail than iron guardrail and aluminum guardrail to be longer (in other words, iron guardrail can be used for 50 years, because iron guardrail has not been used for many years, its service life and a long time to test). As the material used is thicker, some use the cast steel of Masteel. If used and maintained properly, can not service life will be longer. This is also a very important reason for consumers to choose iron fence.

3: The third advantage of iron fence: surface paint treatment: the production process of iron fence is modeling – welding – grinding – hot dip galvanizing or electrophoresis or anti-rust paint treatment –then electrostatic spraying (high-temperature paint) – special color treatment molding. If the surface of the iron guardrail is properly treated, its service life will be greatly extended.

4: The fourth advantage: the unique atmosphere of the times – antique – European style. Now many people choose iron guardrail because of the unity with the decoration style, can better set off the sense of the times of the building.

5: The fifth advantage of iron guardrail: historical continuity: iron products have always existed in history, especially in some European countries, they continue the tradition of using iron guardrail, can better set off the classical beauty of the building.

The way to maintain iron gates.

The selection of materials and coatings should be based on the requirements of rust resistance, resistance to exposure, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Therefore, consumers should choose well-known and guaranteed manufacturers when selecting iron facilities, not because of cheap to buy iron facilities of substandard quality.

1, to regularly take care of

Over time, iron facilities are prone to dust, affecting the color of the iron appearance, which in turn allows the iron protective film to produce damage. Should be regularly wipe clean outdoor iron facilities, basically with soft software cotton fabric wipe for good.

2, pay attention to moisture

If you encounter foggy weather, you can use dry cotton cloth to wipe the iron doors on the water beads; if you encounter rainy days, after the rain stops on time to dry the water beads. As many areas in China in recent years, acid rain is serious, so it is best to dry the residual rain on the iron art after the rain.