Why iron fence can only be welded but not assembled

Iron railing since its introduction to now has a history of several hundred years, its belong to the earlier metal decorative building materials, not only decorative supplies, but also covers many aspects of the construction industry, such as iron gates, iron handrails, iron railings, iron decorative landscape and so on that we can provide for our customers. Iron art products, no matter which form they are, need to be welded and not simply assembled, otherwise they may not be able to ensure the solid and safe use requirements.

Why can only welded iron fence can not be assembled?

Iron fence manufacturers of various iron furniture products, iron furniture and iron gates, iron fences are different because most of the indoor, for the beauty and applicability of higher requirements, so will be combined with wood, fabric and other materials. And pure iron fence structure needs to be welded, because the raw material of the fence does not meet the assembly bar, lever is not the traditional angle pipe or round pipe, pipe using the surface of the glyph shape material pipe, the pipe itself is not suitable for assembly, in addition also need to take into account the shape of the iron railing, with certain decorative requirements of wrought iron iron fence will have a variety of patterns and other structures, basically also not suitable for assembly, plus the fence is used for outdoor If the fence is used for outdoor, if the assembly may not be solid, can not play a role in blocking, in the security point of view is also not suitable.

Iron products have been its personality, beautiful style loved by many people, they are not only furniture, fences, gates, etc., but also a kind of artwork, Taian iron fence products can make the public like not only because of the price, but also because the processing of products styled with style, originality. Welded iron fence is more in line with the use of fencing requirements, welded way more stable and reliable, while the size of the fence material is also more suitable for welding. To customers processing iron products, especially fences, gates, etc., Taian iron fence manufacturers staff will personally go to measure, and according to the actual situation to give customers certain recommendations, in addition to the field production to see the staff can also provide customers with more suitable fence products, so that the fence and surrounding products and the environment in harmony, in order to play a more beautiful effect.

Iron fence, iron fence, iron landscape, iron furniture and so on the products processing is not the components according to the drawing requirements one by one welding is completed, in the products actually factory also need to carry out certain surface treatment measures, the process is in addition to make the product surface aesthetics higher, give a different color, but also play a protective role of anti-corrosion, rust, etc., to extend the service life of the products. Iron fence manufacturers specializing in processing a variety of iron products iron components, for the surface treatment of products, we will generally be divided into two steps: pretreatment and protection, decoration process.

How to do surface treatment after the completion of iron products processing? Taian iron guardrail manufacturers give advice

Pretreatment of iron guardrail

Iron fence or other iron products need to be processed after the surface treatment, a good surface treatment process can prevent the product surface rust, but also to eliminate and cover the surface (does not affect the strength of the product) defects, so the process is conducive to the aesthetics of the product. To achieve these purposes need to be coated on the surface of the product anti-rust, anti-rust decorative coatings, and in order to ensure the coating process decorative coatings and the ability to combine the product base, in the actual implementation of the coating before the need for pretreatment, iron fence and other products on the surface of the oxidation skin, welding slag, rust marks, grease and other removals, to avoid later appear coating or plating bubbles, cracking, flaking and other problems. Common pretreatment methods are mechanical or chemical, electrochemical and other process methods, if the rust marks, oxide skin, etc. need to be processed by hand, mechanical treatment, pickling (chemical treatment), flame treatment, etc., if the cleanup of grease and other dirt can be used organic solutions, alkaline solution to do cleaning.

The surface decoration process of iron fence

Painting, electroplating / hot plating is a common process, painting is generally a variety of compounds, plastic, asphalt, paint, acid-resistant materials, rust-proof oil, etc.. In the case of electroplating or hot plating, it is the metal of zinc, tin, nickel, chromium, copper, titanium, etc. plated on the surface of iron fence (generally choose hot dip galvanizing). Standardized de-rusting, degreasing and then high-temperature galvanizing, which can better cover the product itself exists some small defects, but also to avoid products in the application of rust. In addition, there is another kind of decorative rust protection is the use of chemical methods, chemical and electrochemical methods to form a non-metallic protective layer on the surface of the products, which also has a certain aesthetic effect.