Five characteristics of iron gate applications

The history of iron gates can be traced back to the early 17th century, and nowadays the application has a retro trendy beauty, whether it is a private house or a residential community, the choice of using iron gates has a strong practicality, sturdy and strong safety performance, while the versatile style of iron brings great beauty to the gates, both in application and appearance, which are better than the traditional process. Iron gate can be processed by hollow square tube, hollow round tube, solid square steel, solid flat iron and other raw materials, the choice of these raw materials can ensure the protective function and service life of the gate, the use of which can achieve four advantages and five characteristics.

 Iron gates are majestic in shape

unique design of iron gates, how customers have demand, we can provide customized services, designers according to customer needs, in line with the premise of reasonable structure to rationalize the design, reflecting the most obvious aesthetic advantages of iron gates. After that is the selection of materials, as we said above, the iron gate with a diverse selection of materials, hollow square tube, hollow round tube, solid square steel, solid flat iron, etc., the surface of the material application will also be puffed ash grinding treatment, but also after the treatment of hot dip galvanizing, in order to ensure the beauty of the gate and anti-corrosion effect.

Iron gate also has a very rich color, the raw material can be used vacuum titanium nitride or titanium carbide coating, can be used titanium plating and powder spray, the current international began to be popular K gold plating and black gold plating process, can also be used more than two colors at the same time, more aesthetic. In fact, not only outdoor, iron doors can also be used in the bedroom, living room, dining room, with different rooms to create a different artistic atmosphere, but also more diversified home style and more modern atmosphere. Compared with similar solid wood doors, whether used indoors or outdoors, iron gates have obvious price advantages, and if you choose the best quality building materials and good anti-corrosion protection measures, our products are also guaranteed in the use of years.