Two types of iron gates

The discovery of metals by mankind was based on the activity of metallic substances, and the more stable the nature of the metal was, the earlier the application was discovered. Gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead, mercury and other substances are the ones we still use today. In the history of human development, the coming of the Bronze Age and the Iron Age brought new changes to human civilization, and the development is still using those metals both in the East and in the West. Iron gates are processed into hollow square tubes, hollow round tubes, solid square steel, solid flat iron, etc. In order to ensure that the application meets the requirements, some will also use composite materials, and today the common products of Taian iron gates are divided into two categories.


The art of iron has been around for a long time and can be divided into two types:

cast iron and wrought iron. The former is molded with a rougher surface, which is detrimental to the aesthetics, so it is used less today. Today’s iron art is mostly wrought, the type is divided into antique and modern type, antique type generally use complex patterns, the use of thicker materials, the color is more antique color, the shape is more soft. Modern type is more simple, hollow tube, flat iron, etc. mainly reflects the sense of streamlining, but also does not lack of modern beauty. Taian iron gate is now more modern type, because the gate application is mostly to play a protective, beautiful effect, the door shape also needs to fit with other decorative home decoration.


The iron gate is divided into two types, the railings through type and solid door type, the railings through type mainly to the size of the larger square tube to do the framework of the gate, the use of iron accessories directly in the framework of the splicing inlay. The performance of this transparent type of iron gate is more inclined to beauty, and the use of less material, suitable for large size doors, such as community gates, villa garden doors, etc.; solid door fan type iron gate is a square tube to do the framework of the gate, the use of iron plate for the bottom, the whole door into a solid, and then in the framework of the iron plate using iron accessories splicing inlay. This type of iron gate is more inclined to practicality, security, but more materials, in terms of beauty is not very prominent, more suitable for small size doors.