The advantages and disadvantages of iron fence and maintenance methods

The art of iron has been around for a long time, and the order of human use of metal from early to late is exactly the order of metal activity from weak to strong, starting with bronze, followed by iron, while the application of aluminum is a recent event. In addition to gold, most of the metal products are bronze products, which also allows us to understand the chemical inactivity of bronze alloys, which is what we say every day, stronger and more resistant to corrosion. And our daily use of metal products today is also more alloy, iron as the main raw material, according to the application of performance requirements to add other materials, iron products with heavy, simple, bright advantages, reflecting the beauty of nature, iron fence manufacturer’s products in both these advantages at the same time, the shape is also richer, can achieve good maintenance, protection, pressure, regional division role.

Iron fence can be used as courtyard villa fence

both sides of the road green belt, community green screen decoration, etc., both play a good isolation and protection role, but also can become a good community beauty decorative products. In fact, our Taian iron fence can be divided into two categories, focusing on the quality and efficiency of the fence engineering class supporting facilities (real estate, garden, public facilities), and the design and beauty of the boutique iron fence class supporting facilities (villas, clubs, high-end hotels). Our products in the factory has done a good job of anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, the application of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, resistant to exposure to the sun.

Of course, in addition to the advantages, Taian iron fence application also has certain advantages, the most obvious is that the production of products need to use welding, if the shape is richer guardrail, then the welding point will be more, which is difficult in processing, welding point will also cause rust damage. Thus, Taian iron fence want to ensure a longer life but also to do a certain degree of maintenance, the first is the iron fence should avoid bumping, in the handling process should be careful and lightly placed, placed on the ground should also be kept flat, iron fence in the installation should ensure that it is solid, otherwise it may appear deformation. Secondly, iron fence application should pay attention to dust removal, dust accumulation will affect the color of the iron fence, and then damage the iron fence protective film, resulting in rusting occurs.