Iron products manufacturers steel structure sunroom processing requirements

Sunroom is a full bright non-traditional building built with steel structure and glass, which can be built on the balcony or terrace, or in the garden, etc. It can also be planted inside to enjoy the sunshine and get close to nature. The steel structure of the sunroom processed by the iron products manufacturer is exquisitely designed and meticulously crafted, and the processes of rust removal and baking paint, welding and making doors and windows can be done by us. The surface treatment of the steel structure, the welded main body, the mesh structure and the top cover will be operated according to the specifications during the processing.

Steel structure sunroom is mainly built with steel structure and glass, as the only force structure in it, it is very reasonable choice to use booking steel structure with reasonable structure, good welding and reliable bending resistance of main beam. Taian iron products manufacturers will do baking paint anti-rust treatment on all the square tubes before welding the steel structure of the sunroom to ensure that the steel structure will not rust and corrosion, and the size of the main structure specifications will be processed according to the customer’s requirements, so the steel used for processing will also be selected according to the specifications. As the main structure of the whole sunroom, the four corner pillars and the four side beams are welded according to the measured size and design requirements before processing to ensure the load-bearing requirements of the doors and windows on the façade in the future. After that, it is the top structure of the sunroom. The top welding of the sunroom can choose square tubes with different wall thickness and specifications according to the actual needs, reasonably distribute the horizontal beams and longitudinal beams according to the different materials used on the top surface, and weld the mesh structure measured from various aspects such as beauty and load-bearing. Taian iron products manufacturers of steel sunroom structure for welding more fish scale welding, the joints of each component welded full, not loose, no gaps.

The iron products manufacturers process the sunroom steel structure, which can ensure the stability of the sunroom structure while guaranteeing the pressure-bearing capacity, and the preliminary anti-corrosion work can make the steel structure sunroom shape and details ensure the beauty, according to the sunroom effect customers want to achieve, the general structure main body can adopt 40mm×40mm-80mm×80mm, the wall thickness is 1.8mm-3.0mm ㎜-3.0㎜ high carbon steel can be processed, and the top mesh structure can be processed by 40mm×60mm-80mm×80mm high carbon steel with wall thickness of 1.8㎜-2.5㎜. Other important structures such as doors, windows and glass should be added according to customers’ preference, and safety, waterproof and weighing inspections should be done after all installation and construction are completed.