Iron guardrail for stadium installation considerations

Stadium fence application is mainly to protect the safety of the crowd around the field, especially in the field application most, to avoid the ball flying out of the field to hurt others. Iron fence used in stadiums, stadiums with special specifications, good anti-climbing ability, and strong resistance to pressure, with better flexibility. Taian iron guardrail easy to install, good flexibility, can be installed at the construction site, the structure of the grid, shape, size can be adjusted according to demand, the frame structure is mainly processed in steel, the outer layer of anti-corrosion, rust, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, aging resistance measures to ensure that the stadium guardrail has a good protective effect at the same time, the color sensory and feel good.

Iron fence has good applicability, for stadium installation flexibility, but the installation application to consider the relevant issues, especially the court, first of all, to determine the height, basketball, soccer, volleyball and other ball sports places usually require a fence height of about 4 meters, because these ball sports in the ball volume is relatively large, and in the pitch, pass, kick will produce some height, so Taian iron fence Manufacturers of products in the processing added the day frame, while in order to avoid the ball is thrown out of the fence our fence height are in 4 meters or more.

Secondly, if it is baseball, badminton, tennis, table tennis and other courts, Taian iron fence installation application should consider the fence mesh everyone problem, and large ball different, basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc. will have passing action, so the ball is thrown higher, and small ball sports is mainly to prevent the ball in the vigorous fan row out of the fence mesh, so the small ball field fence mesh is 4cm Or 6cm. Subsequently, the iron fence for stadium installation application should also take into account the lower part of the fence hollow, also to avoid the ball will run out of the field, if it is a large ball field fence lower need not consider hollow, the volume of smaller balls need to consider the installation of the stadium fence bottom hollow height, not the right height will not only easy to let the ball run out of the field, but also may cause injury accidents.