Installation and maintenance of stainless steel guardrail

Stainless steel guardrails are very common in our lives, stairs, roads, balconies, etc., mainly to play a protective role, in some cases also has a beautiful effect. For the protection of the Taian stainless steel guardrail, the structure is generally divided into the main bar and column, the state regulations should be the thickness of the main bar in 1.2mm or more, in order to ensure the protective effect of the guardrail. Also note that the general thickness of the column should also be guaranteed in 0.7mm or more, not too thin, customers should pay attention in the purchase and use. Stainless steel guardrail installation, in addition to pay attention to the thickness, there are the following issues should be concerned.

Stainless steel guardrail is just a generic term, we all know that there are many types of stainless steel, 200, 201, 300, 301, 304, etc., today is more common is 301 type, and 304 type quality effect is the best. Stainless steel guardrail is the whole stainless steel material, with very good anti-corrosion effect, long time application of aesthetics is very strong. But accordingly, the main pole and column are stainless steel guardrail is relatively light, the weight capacity is poor, if the actual application for weighing requirements, can also use stainless steel composite tube, the main material is iron pipe, outside wrapped with stainless steel layer.

Pure stainless steel guardrail installation, first of all to pre-bury the base plate, using expansion bolts and steel plate to make the post connection, first put lines on the grass-roots level of civil construction, to determine the location of the fixed point of the column, and then on the ground with impact drill holes, and then install expansion bolts. After the bolts are positioned, the bolts will be tightened at the same time the nut and screw between the weld to prevent the nut and steel plate loose. Stainless steel railing installation process, plus buried construction may lead to errors. In order to ensure the accuracy of the entire railing orientation before the installation of the column should be re-placed, such as the discovery of deviation timely correction. Installation of the column, welding column to weld around, and should be in line with the welding specifications, welding will be completed after the welding seam flattening sanding, until the weld does not show.

Stainless steel guardrail maintenance, first of all is the installation process is careful not to cause scratches, wipe cleaning do not use rough and sharp materials, especially for the glossy part, in order to ensure the aesthetics may scrub more frequently, the process must use soft, not easy to fall off the fabric to scrub, sand steel and brushed surface to follow the grain to rub. Stainless steel guardrail cleaning available soap, weak washing, alcohol, ether, benzene, etc. to remove dirt, prohibit the use of bleaching ingredients and abrasive detergent, steel wire balls, otherwise it will cause corrosion on the surface of stainless steel.