How to choose a comfortable office chair?

1. Choose to improve the fatigue of humanized design computer chair

High-quality computer chairs make full use of ergonomic principles, in the headrest, back, seat, cushion, armrests and other core components of the design to inject humane elements, fully meet the physiological needs of the human body during the use of the chair, and both free adjustment function, comfort up to 95%, from the root cause to get rid of fatigue and improve the occupational diseases caused by sedentary.

High-quality computer chair using mesh fabric curved headrest, effectively adapted to the back of the neck and head, to relieve the weight of the head caused by cervical pressure, and adjustable up and down 6.5cm, adjustable angle 80 degrees, can meet the height of different people. The backrest has a comfortable sense of leaning and security, can also be adjusted, good fit. The three-degree curved seat designed according to the sitting curve can increase the contact area between the thighs and hips and the seat to relieve pressure. The three-button adjustment is flexible and convenient. The cushion is thick, concave curve design, has a good sense of sitting, the use of mesh material is breathable, fast heat dissipation, comfortable. Armrests can also be adjusted left and right up and down, steady to hold the arm, effective prevention of frozen shoulder.

2. Select the quality of raw materials to ensure that the computer chair

Quality computer chairs using raw materials are excellent quality assurance. For example, the use of large aluminum alloy after ISO9001 certification; mesh into the product material, not only breathable, conducive to heat dissipation, easy to clean; air pressure rod, after SGS certification, can withstand the pressure of 150KG, through the United States BIFMA certification; chassis components after 120,000 times the pressure of backward and forward and backward tilt test, etc.. Therefore, high-quality computer chairs are particularly durable, not easy to aging phenomenon, and simple and convenient maintenance. Choose quality assurance seat safety, environmental protection, durability, choose a good chair, of course, you should choose a product with guaranteed quality like Xihao.

3. Select the details of careful, exquisite workmanship computer chair

Details determine the quality, a comfortable-looking and upscale computer chair, the details must also be equally fine, attentive. The small details of the computer chair must also not be ambiguous. For example, the chair feet using the five claw design, the area is much larger than the four claw, to ensure the stability and safety of the chair, while more flexible and convenient than the six claw. Agency materials are really, never cut corners; swivel chair flexible, smooth and smooth; some hidden parts are also delicate and meticulous. If you want to buy a classy-looking chair, then the details are one of the considerations when buying.

4. Choose a stylish shape of the computer chair

Computer chair shape design generous unique, light colors, whether at home or in the office, are beautiful and considerable. Choose a good computer chair, of course, can not be too ugly, like a quality computer chair such a lightweight design is not a good choice.

5. Choose an affordable, cost-effective seat

Quality computer chairs with humane professional design, sophisticated technology, chic shape, and green features, affordable price, is a seat with a superb price/performance ratio. Choose a chair, of course, to choose a value-for-money product, like a quality computer chair such a cost-effective good chair, is really worth buying a good chair.